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I hope you all had a great summer. Despite fond memories of those lazy summer days, I’m more than ready to trade in my shorts and flip-flops for fuzzy socks and throw blankets. Or maybe I’m just ready for fall since I have two new releases coming out.

“Shards of Light,” a novella connected to my Lost Shards series, appears in The Secret She Keeps anthology along with three other fantastic paranormal romances by Shannon K. Butcher, Kathy Lyons, and Terri L. Austin. Here’s a little more about each story that’s available for preorder now and for download on September 25.

The Secret She Keeps – On Sale September 25

Here’s a peek at four novellas filled with passion, magic, and deep, dark secrets…

Shadow of Truth by Shannon K. Butcher
Socially awkward nerd and video game designer Winnifred Archer has a rich fantasy life. So, when a badass, sword-wielding warrior decides he wants her, she’s not sure whether or not he’s real. She’s not equipped her to handle a man like him, or the things he wants from her, but she must find a way to face her fears and fight by his side or she will lose everyone she loves.

Badass Bear by Kathy Lyons
Hiding from the secret that ended her last relationship, flight attendant Margaret Taylor settled for the next best thing to love: a friends-only status with her handsome, paraplegic neighbor, Gary Baldner. But Gary has a secret, too. It’s about to break free, upend their worlds, and bring them both perfect happiness.

Nowhere to Hide by Terri L. Austin
Running for her life, Hailey managed to escape from the psychotic billionaire who imprisoned and tortured her. Now using her secret clairvoyant powers, she’s trying to stay one step ahead of certain death. Sexy sorcerer, Vane, has a duty to take down Hailey’s enemy, even if it means using her as bait.

Shards of Light by Anna Argent
When Lark witnesses a bizarre murder, a decade-old secret resurfaces and forces her to find her old flame. Dex is no longer the easygoing guy she knew. He’s dark, deadly and involved with a secret society that believes magic is real and hunts down those who abuse it. As their passion reignites, Dex must find a way to keep the darkness in his life from touching Lark or he will end up just like the things he hunts.

The Lost Shards series continues October 9 with A Brush with Fate, the second book in my series about the rare people who possess magic—sometimes unknowingly—as a result of the fragments of ancient souls who inhabited them. If you’re interested in checking this one out, you can head over to Amazon to preorder the book now so you can start reading on release day.

A Brush with Fate – On Sale October 9

The second book in the Lost Shards series comes out soon…

Like many artists, Calliope dreams of painting beautiful works of art that stir the soul. Unfortunately, the only paintings of hers that sell are the ones that kill people.

She’s compelled to paint by a dark presence she doesn’t understand and can’t control. No matter what it takes, she must find a way to resist the urge to submit to the power inside her, because once she dips her brush in red, someone is about to die bloody.

When Knox sets eyes on the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, he’s drawn to her in a way he can’t explain. Too bad she’s dating his brother’s murderer.

Certain that Calliope will be the killer’s next victim, Knox makes it his mission to keep her safe. He soon realizes there’s more to the talented artist than meets the eye. She’s a vessel for slivers of ancient, powerful souls, and she doesn’t even know it. Those shards have an agenda of their own, and they will use her—or destroy her—to get what they want.

As she and Knox hunt for a killer, they learn that their two fates are inextricably bound, and if they can’t find a way to control the power Calliope possesses, then the next gruesome murder she paints may be her own.

Free Book Offer!

If you haven’t read Shards of Blood and Shadow, the first book in my new paranormal romance series, now is your chance to read it for free before the second book in the series comes out! The first 25 people who click this link can download a free copy of Shards of Blood and Shadow. If you enjoy the book, I’d love it if you would please leave a review. Reviews help authors reach more readers and help readers like you find books they love.

Wishing you all the great books you can stand!
Anna Argent