The Longest Fall The Sweetest Temptation The Biggest Risk


A Contemporary Romance Series from Anna Argent

Tired of bad boys? Ready for a good man, instead? Welcome to Whisper Lake, a sleepy little town filled to the brim with good men and women, all looking for that one special someone.

Whisper Lake is a small tourist town nestled in the Ozark Mountains where people from all over the world gather to play each summer in the lake’s pristine waters. And while for three months a year the town belongs to the visitors, the rest of the year it’s a quiet little place inhabited by just under four-thousand residents who call it home.

The Grace family makes up a sizable percentage of the community.

Claim, protect, provide.

The Grace family motto has survived countless generations, unchanged. And while each generation has found their own special meaning in the words, this round of Graces faces different challenges than the ones who’ve come before them.

Life is different now than it used to be. The world turns faster, people are busier and social media reigns supreme. But in a community as tightly knit as Whisper Lake, there’s always time to help a stranger stranded along the side of the road, and a friend request still involves a cup of coffee and a scone at the Rise and Shine Bakery. You won’t find skyscrapers, subways or five-star accommodations here, but you will find honorable, hardworking men, honest, kind women, and families who stick together no matter how messy or inconvenient life gets.

So, kick back, forget about the dishes, the laundry and the day job. Ignore the headaches, the bills and all of life’s stress for a while. Open up a one of the books in the Whisper Lake series and escape with a good man who will melt your heart and make you fall in love.

And if you’re ever driving through the twisting, hilly curves snaking through the Ozark Mountains, keep an eye out for that bright green sign welcoming you to Whisper Lake. You’ll be glad you did.