After a long day of writing or when I’m plotting the next book in my mind, one of the things I love to do is play with sparkly things. I joke that I must have some magpie DNA in me somewhere because I love a bit of glitz. Maybe more than a bit, if I’m being honest. I’m also a self-proclaimed bead whore. Any bead, anywhere, anytime. I love them all!

Here are some of the pieces I’ve made, both jewelry and sculptural. I often give jewelry away in contests, and in gift or raffle baskets at reader conventions I attend. A girl can only wear so much jewelry when her job’s dress code is usually some kind of pajamas or yoga pants.

I also dabble in glass a little but my skills there are pretty wobbly at best. Still, I persevere because the sparkle keeps me sane—at least as sane as any good writer should be.

I hope you stop by the gallery from time to time or follow me on Instagram for pics of what I’m working on next. And if you’re a bead whore like me, tag me in photos of your work. I love to see what other artists create!