The Secret She Keeps


Getting new cover art is like opening a much-anticipated gift. It’s filled with excitement and mystery, and you just want to rip it open and see what’s inside. This month, I got that special surprise twice! What more could a writer ask for?

First up is the cover for The Secret She Keeps. It’s darkly flirty, and I absolutely love it! This anthology will be out this fall, and I cannot wait to see what my fellow authors come up with!


In the meantime, I’m excited to tell you that the first book in my new paranormal romance series, The Lost Shards, is now available for preorder! I’ll be posting teaser chapters of Shards of Blood and Shadow on my website soon, so drop by and take a look. If you can’t wait, read below for a peek at a world filled with dark prophecy, ancient magic, and a little bit of sizzle.

Cleo Radella inherited both the ability to see the future, and a haunting prediction that she will commit murder on her twenty-fifth birthday. That day has arrived, along with a stranger who is fated to alter her world irrevocably.

One will come in blood, the other in shadow…

Flint is not what one would call a people person. He despises small talk, prefers solitude, and hates being touched. Luckily, the fragments of ancient, powerful souls he carries allow him to fade into the shadows, unseen and unnoticed—handy for a guy who hunts people for a living.

Cleo is his next target, but when her life is threatened, he will stop at nothing to protect the beautiful psychic. No one captures his prey but him.

Death lurks behind them…

Forced together, Flint reveals a world Cleo never knew existed. She soon learns that no one is what they seem, and that her destiny is much bigger than she ever imagined…

Shards of Blood and Shadow is available for preorder now!


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